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Mass MoCA is the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, located in North Adams in the northwest corner of Massachusetts. I am very fond of photographing art in its environment. Mass MoCA is situated in an old 19th century mill building that has been converted to an art gallery. The interior provide a great backdrop of brick, wood and steel against which the art is presented. The museum allows non-flash photography in most of its exhibits, making this a great destination for the photographer.

Please visit the Mass MoCA website, if you are interested in visiting the museum. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the photographs I have posted here. Please note the exhibits change over time, so you will likely see different exhibits when you visit.
Democracy by Gisele AmanteaPowerstationThe Couple by Louise BourgeoisWhite Light by Shari BoyleRange Light by Kim MorganThe Red Hut in WinterCompound by  Sopheap PichMerciless by Franz WestLight on the WallCompound by  Sopheap PichCorrugated PassagewayNo way out by Carlos Garaicoa,From The Cartographer's Conundrum by Sanford BiggersColored light in the Cartographer's Conundrum by Sanford BiggersVentilationBlue Cowboy #3 by Yoram WolbergerInopportune: Stage 2 by Cai Guo-QiangPipesValvesMetaphorical Investigation of Metaphysical Reunion by Paul Jacobsen